Friday, August 26, 2011

Ten Things

Ten Things I Never Expected To Do

(but have already done since arriving at the equator 6 weeks ago…)

1. Be involved in a minor fender bender with a donkey.

2. Attempt to shower less than two feet below a small electrical fire.

3. Learn to play Bridge (yes, the same Bridge you can find tips for in the "Local" section of your daily paper).

4. Stand in a muck-filled cattle shelter discussing the appropriate application of improved feed (napier grass) to increase the milk productivity of indigenous dairy cows.

5. Regularly require alternative lighting (headlamps, solars, kerosene, etc.) due to the frequency of totally random power failures.

6. Compete in the finals of a Ugandan Ultimate Frisbee tournament.

7. Employ a maid. (I still feel a little boozhy about that one… but it’s normal here, I swear.)

8. Open beer bottles with any of the following implements: lighters, countertops, knives, or other bottles.

9. Ride on the back of a bicycle to get to work (and then only pay the man about twelve cents for his labor).

10. Keep live poultry vaccines in my refrigerator along with my sack of milk and my newspaper pouch of meat.

The scorch marks from the electrical fire. Wait...did you think I was kidding?

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