Sunday, March 17, 2013

It's just that I've been busy.

My mom's been bugging me to write more on my blog.  She's even lobbied for a few particular stories.

I still can't tell you about the time that I applied for my Kenyan driver's license.  I'm saving that little gem for my tell-all memoir: "Eggs in the Engine Block."

I also can't claim to have personally lived the story that's inspired my memoir's winning title, but since I think it's a pretty good representation of the optimism, resourcefulness, and unintentional hilarity of the residents of East Africa, I'll probably pretend that it is my story.  I'm looking forward to being exposed as a fraud on Oprah.  But again, you'll have to wait for the memoir.

Given that those two are staying in my back pocket for now, my mom thought I should tell the story behind this:

Schistosomiasis anyone?
But, honestly, what's to tell?  I paid for a ticket and a kayak outfitter hooked me up with some safety gear before we set off.  That's not to say that careening down the Nile isn't a total baller way to spend a Friday, but I'm not sure there's all that much to share, really.

It just turns out that launching a country operation takes up a lot of time.  I've also been busily trying to check things off the old 30 Before 30 list, which makes for some nice life accomplishments, but not so many write-up-able moments.  Since my last update, I've finished a bunch of books* from the hundred-best list I'm working on (22 months and 60ish books remain...oy).  I've also gone from my couch to a 5k and am currently trying to kick that up a notch (10k here we come) though I've been side-lined in the last week by a sick coach.**

So, it's not that I've given up on this blog... it's just that I've been busy.

The Beautiful and Damned; LOTR: The Fellowship of the Ring; On the Road; LOTR: The Two Towers; To the Lighthouse; Naked Lunch; My Antonia; Rabbit, Run; The Jungle.  Need a recommendation?  I feel good about only around half of these, so ask first.

** David had the flu, but not to worry.  He's on the mend.

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